I try to keep busy when I'm not on the road with the Colin Grant Band, or The Rankins, or whoever...  During the times I'm in Halifax, I play quite often with a band called the "Gig Dogs". In 2001, Martin St. Maurice and I released our CD "Fingerboard Grooves". In order to have a proper CD release party, we called on musician friends Doug Sampson and Will Penney to provide some Guitar, Bass and Bodran for the live show. The chemistry onstage was enough to make us all quit the other projects we were doing, and focus on our new band, "Hair of the Dog" After a few busy years playing around Nova Scotia, and a few trips away, Martin and Will moved on to other chapters in their lives.

Doug and I brought in Scott MacDonald and Anthony Rissesco, (bass and fiddle) and we decided to change the name, but keep the "Dogs". Will took with him his lead vocal abilities, and the four of us decided to split up the lead singing duties between us, rather than try to find a fifth member.

This combination of "Dogs" has been playing steadily now since 2004. There are also lots of occasions that only call for a duo or trio, and so we regularly do smaller functions, with just about every possible combination of members. Doug and Anthony play together as a duo almost every weekend somewhere around town, so keep an eye out for that, and check them out if you can. You'll thank me later.

As much as I don't like my singing voice (ugh..) I though I would post this clip of the Dogs at the Old Triangle in Halifax. I'm the one barking out the lead vocal. Anthony is the one with the big shiny head in the lights. Scott's the smiling bass player with the high harmonies. Doug is the guitar player on the end keeping me on my toes with all his fancy chords. Thankfully, there's plenty of crowd noise and the singing is not too loud!

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