Whenever I get the chance to play shows under my own name, I try really hard to get these 3 players to join me. We've done most of the shows in the last few years, and I'm really happy with the sound we get. Each brings thier own set of talents to the stage with them, and luckily for me, it all comes together and creates a great sound for the Darren McMullen show!

Rachel Davis

Rachel is an in-demand fiddler and singer from Baddeck, Cape Breton. Busy as a solo performer, she also tours and plays regularly with Buddy MacDonald, The Cottars, and the new Celtic ensemble "Coig" (of which I'm also a member...) Thankfully, she takes time from her busy schedule to help me out on these shows! Her fiddle and viola playing, as wlel as her singing, can be heard on her self titled album, and my own Shoes for Molly album as well.

Zach Smith

I met Zach a few years ago when we toured together in the band "Pogey". We've both moved on since then, but we try to play together whenever possible. He's a great percussionist, always finding just the right groove that fits the music, which can be a callenge sometimes with Celtic music. When he's not busy as a full time drum teacher, or playing with his own band "The Worry Birds", I try to book him for my shows.

Ben Furey

Ben was referred to me a few years ago by Joella Foulds, the director of Celtic Colours festival when I needed a solid guitar player who could dabble in other instruments and sing as well. I'm pretty thankful she mentioned him, as he has been on almost every show we've done. As good as he is on guitar, there's a lot more to Ben than just that. Mandolin, 5-string banjo, singing and songwriting are also on the list of his talents. He fills in for me from time to time with Srag Session, as well as being a full time member of Crowdis Bridge, a bluegrass band you need to check out.