• Decade


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The much-anticipated debut solo release!! From classical to bluegrass, to celtic, and a few spots in between. All instrumental. Special guest musicians Zach Smith on percussion, and JP Cormier, who also co-produced, engineered, and mixed the project.

1. Session Set
2. Prelude for Bach's Cello Suite # 1 
3. Sunny's Set
4. Foxhunter's Slip-Jig
5. Hornpipe Set
6. Digsy's Trip to Sonya
7. Sonata #1 in C
8. Le reel Beatrice/Trolley's 
9. Banjo Heaven/Hell
10. The Reel-y Friendly Giant
11. Jean's Reel
12. The Little Red-Haired Beggar Boy
13. Friendship set
14. Londonderry Air  

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