Fingerboard Grooves
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2001 Release with Martin St Maurice. Nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year at 2002 ECMA's. High energy Instrumental music featuring Martin on Fiddle, Darren on Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Banjo, Bouzouki, Whistles, Basses, Guitars. Guests Remy O'Brien, Jeff Harper, Doug Sampson, RJ Genge
  1. Music for a Found Harmonium
  2. Merrily Drinking Morrison's Ale
  3. The Golden Eagle
  4. For Ireland, I'll Not Tell her Name
  5. The Pub Set (with guest Step-dancers)
  6. St. Anne's Reel Jig in D Harmonic Minor
  7. La Fete des Brasseurs
  8. The Waltz of the young Maidens
  9. The "B" Set
  10. Kid On The Mountain
  11. The Irish American Set
  12. Fingerboard Grooves
  13. The Oak Tree Set
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