These days, the main thing I'm doing is Còig. We've had an amazing few years for sure. 

We originally came together as a one-time thing, put together as a collection of 5 solo artists who played Celtic Colours Festival. The idea was to head down into New England to promote the festival. We did, and we had a ball. The name of the act was "A Taste of Celtic Colours", away we went over the border to the US. Our ticket sales were through the roof (we broke a few records), our CD sales were through the roof, (broke a few sales records) and we had so much fun it was hard to believe. When the tour was over, we decided to try playing together whenever we had the chance.

Eventually, some festival buyers saw us playing together and asked us to play their events. The name Còig was born and we didn't look back. Our debut record came out in 2014, and it won Nova Scotia Music Association, East Coast Music Association, and Canadian Folk Music Association awards that year for Traditional Album of the Year! Since 2013, we've been lucky enough to travel quite a bit. Shetland Islands, Alaska, Virginia, New England, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, most notably. Canadian and US summer festivals, and a few theatre tours across Canada.  

We put together a Christmas record in 2015, along with a tour of the Maritimes and New England. Our next album is in the works now, and it is planned for release in the spring of 2017. 

Head on over to the Còig website to learn more, listen to some tunes, and check out the calendar to see where we'll be playing. 

Còig Website